Questions for purchase

  • How to prove that the LOYALTECH YM-100 series has the highest daily output in the world?

    Among the mining pools, f2pool ranks second in the global Ethereum mining pool, and one-quarter of the world s Ethereum mining machines have been connected to f2pool. The f2pool APP has a ranking of mining machines (sorted by all mining machines of single-day output), even Bitcoin s S19 and other mining machines are included. LOYALTECH YM-100 chip mining machine has been the champion of single-day output (electricity bills deducted) and has stayed in the Top 1 slot for almost a year.

  • How should I calculate my payback period?

    Still, on f2pool, the real-time daily output data of ETH per M hashrate is updated, such as the picture shown below: ETH output is 0.23 CNY/M/day, if your mining machine is purchased for 70 CNY/M hashrate, then your static payback period will be 70/0.23=304 days.https://www.f2pool.com

  • How can I purchase your mining machine?

    Due to the policy requirements of mainland China, LOYALTECH s products are unavailable in mainland China. Customers from other countries and regions can purchase from our salesperson or local agents through the contact information on our official website.

  • What fees do I need to pay?

    Buyers need to pay for mining machines, shipping costs, and the country’s customs duties. The payment currency supports USD/HKD/SGD.

  • Can I return the product after purchase? Is it possible to have it for a trial period?

    Since mining machines are financial products, the price will fluctuate with the currency price, so we are sorry that we cannot provide return and trial services.

Questions for machine use

  • How long is the warranty?

    The main parts (motherboard and hashrate board) are guaranteed for 180 days from the date of shipment, and the other parts (Big board, fans, case, power supplies) are guaranteed for 90 days.

  • How to avoid the delayed output due to mining machine maintenance?

    Since the production of the YM-100 series, there has been no mass quality accident. Because the machine needs to be operated all day long, the cable is easy to be touched when moving the machine, so the cable, fan, and power supply are consumables. We recommend miners purchase these parts in advance on our website in case of emergency. (replace them when necessary) If you encounter problems such as falling off of the hashrate board and cooling rip caused by abnormal transportation, the machine must be returned to the factory for maintenance. Please do not open the case yourself, otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy free maintenance during the warranty.

  • How to judge whether the miner is working normally from the appearance?

    The four fans are rotating at high speed; the green light on the front panel is flashing; the green light under the network port is always on, and the yellow light is flashing

  • The red light on the front panel of my miner is flashing, what is the situation?

    In general, it is caused by network failure. Perform the following checks in sequence:
    1. Check whether the network cable can communicate normally;
    2. Check whether the mining pool address is entered correctly;
    3. Check whether the mining pool can log in normally;
    4. If you have changed the IP address of the miner, please switch back to DHCP (obtain an IP address automatically) in the settings->network page.

  • Why does my mining machine go offline in the mining pool every once in a while?

    This has something to do with the Ethereum algorithm. The Ethereum algorithm requires storage (DAG). As for this storage file, the Ethereum algorithm will randomly go to the DAG to read the number. For encryption, the Ethereum algorithm decides that in every certain area The number of blocks (roughly three to five days), the DAG will be updated automatically, so all the miners in the world must refresh their own DAG files at the same time, which is why YM-100 restarts. Due to the different machine designs, the way to refresh is also divergent. GPU mining machines, the machines have memory and video memory, so the refresh can be quite fast, and people can barely feel it. However, the YM-100 series adopts 3D stacking technology, and the storage and hashrate chips are integrated with each other, thus the refresh is relatively slow and takes 1-2 hours. The DAG refresh of YM-100 is automatic, and it occurs every 3-5 days. The process of clearing and rebooting the computing power is an automatic update without manual operation.

  • Why is the computing power of the corresponding computing board still abnormal after I replaced the cable?

    After the cable is replaced, the whole machine must be checked again, please operate through Maintenance->self check->check now

  • Why is my mining machine frequently online and offline in the mining pool, and the time interval is significantly shorter than the normal DAG file update?

    Please check the power supply first and replace it with a new one to troubleshoot.

  • Why is my mining machine s hashrate not up to the standard in the mining pool s hashrate?

    Different mining pools have different computing power. It is recommended that you use Fish Pool first. In addition, the update of the DAG file will also affect the computing power statistics, so you can wait 24 hours after the update of the DAG file to observe.

  • Why can t I see the changes in the browser after I change the mining pool and miner ID?

    Please use Google Chrome browser first, other browsers have problems refreshing.

  • Why can t I see the IP address reported by the miner in the Set_IP interface after I press the IP report button of the miner?

    Please check to make sure that the miner and the computer running the Set_IP software are connected to the same router.

Other questions

  • How to verify the credibility of your products?

    As the world s leading ETH mining machine manufacturer, LOYALTECH s main customers include some listed companies in the United States and Canada. Since the mass production of products at the end of 2020, LOYALTECH has accumulated a good reputation in the industry in terms of product quality, delivery time, and maintenance. If you are interested in our products, you can contact our agents, you can check the products on-site, or ask for the link of the mining pool observer to know more about the product quality.

  • How can I become your agent?

    We are in search of overseas agents, especially in (North America, Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia) In order to further develop our overseas market, we sincerely invite you to become our overseas agents.
    Act as an agent for LOYALTECH mining products and services to be sold in designated areas;
    Enjoy discounts for promotional samples;
    Enjoy agency prices;
    After the regional sales reach a certain scale, you can be the first one to apply to become a local station for the after-sales service.
    Requirements and obligations:
    Rich experience in cryptocurrency mining machine sales and customer resource
    Do not deal in products that compete with LOYALTECH
    Protect the brand reputation
    Responsible for the marketing of LOYALTECH products in the region and accomplishing sales goals