Things You Need to Know About the Ethereum Chip Mining Machine Manufacturer- LOYALTEC

2022-08-30 13:51:00

Things You Need to Know About the Ethereum Chip Mining Machine Manufacturer- LOYALTEC

Since January 9th, 2009, when the Genesis Block went live, the global blockchain industry has been developing for 13 years so far. From the nascent stage to bloom into the stage of having thousands of popular blockchain networks around the world and the total market capitalization of cryptocurrency exceeding 2 trillion USD today, the industry’s next objective is to build the next generation decentralized Internet pivoted on blockchain technology. Indeed, this achievement is one of the greatest miracles in the development history of the IT industry.


Normally, the development of the blockchain industry has not only created many stories of getting rich overnight, but more importantly, after some repeated cycles of hype, crackdown, and revival, the industry somehow has become more complete, and the core value has evolved from the initial decentralized experimental field into a new generation of digital infrastructure with bright prospects in many sectors. Today's blockchain market has gradually entered the stage of steady development, accompanied by a brand-new long-term steady investment: crypto mining.


According to relevant statistics, in the past five years, the return rate of the cryptocurrency mining industry has exceeded that of most mainstream investments. Different from the traditional investment logic, blockchain mining provides high profits while the risks are highly controllable. As the blockchain market has a solid value base after some rounds of transformation, crypto's output return rate has a solid supporting logic. Even according to the most pessimistic value expectation for cryptocurrency, investors can obtain guaranteed profits by purchasing advanced high-efficiency mining machines. Once the market goes well, the profits can rise in an optimistic way. Adversely affected by global pandemic and economic crisis, crypto mining thus becomes one of the best investment methods.


As the saying goes where there is demand, there is supply. The rise of the crypto mining industry has greatly stimulated the development of the mining machine industry. As early as 2013, Bitcoin mining has begun to rely on a special mining machine based on the ASIC chip. For a long time, Ethereum mining is mainly based on GPU, and now it is also beginning to transfer to the ASIC mining machine. The mining machine with high performance, low power consumption, and relatively small size can bring the most abundant and stable returns to investors but confined to the technical difficulty of mining machine manufacturing, only a few companies can meet the market demand.



It is against this background that a company named LOYALTECH decided to adapt to the developing trend and explore the newly emerging Ethereum mining machine market with innovative technologies and concepts.

The promising Ethereum mining machine market

Why did LOYALTECH choose Ethereum Mining Machine as the breakthrough? Analysis shows this business strategy is reasonable:

1. After years of development, the Bitcoin mining machine market has been relatively narrow, the technical method is relatively stable, and it is difficult to make more innovations.

2. Ethereum encryption algorithm is not friendly to the ASIC chip, only inefficient GPUs can be used for mining for a long time. Once the obstacle of ASIC chip mining is solved, Ethereum mining machines can quickly replace GPU as the mainstream in the market with an optimized energy consumption ratio and cost advantage.

3. As the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum mining has a stable return on investment. Although Ethereum is planning to switch to the PoS consensus mechanism, the schedule has been postponed several times. At present, the plan originally scheduled to be completed in June 2022 is very likely to be postponed until 2023. Even if the upgrade is completed, LOYALTECH mining machine can be also seamlessly transferred to ETC, and with high efficiency and low power consumption, letting investors enjoy high returns on ETC.


After five years' efforts, the chip used by the LOYALTECH mining machine has solved the key technical challenges of the chip of the Ethereum mining machine and takes the lead in the industry to be dominant enough in the Ethereum mining machine market.

3D stacking, the technical knack of the LOYALTECH mining machine chip

Generally, a mining machine is essentially a computer whose chip is specially designed for decryption computation, and mining efficiency is essentially the decryption performance of the chip. To speed up decryption and reduce power consumption as much as possible, chip manufacturers would often apply a large number of industrial cutting-edge technologies to achieve more.


The core mechanism of the Ethereum encryption algorithm requires the chip to exchange data with the memory chip at high speed during computation. Mining with GPU the transmission bandwidth between GPU and GDDR memory is limited, which becomes the biggest bottleneck of mining efficiency. Traditional GPU is designed for graphics processing, and 7 nm high-end technology has been adopted, but it can't solve the problem of transmission bandwidth limitation. The powerful hashrate on GPU also lost its meaning. However, the customized ASIC chip used by the YM-100 series mining machine creatively uses 3D stacking technology, and only uses 40nm low-end technology, which breaks through the transmission bottleneck between computing unit and memory unit, reducing the core indicator of Ethereum " power consumption and computing power ratio " by 3-6 times, and the chip manufacturing cost also lowering exponentially.


A server equipped with 8 RTX3080 GPU can only provide about 450M mining hashrate of Ethereum, while the YM-100 mining machine of LOYALTECH can easily break through 2,400M, and the power consumption per unit hashrate is less than 1/3 of the GPU solution, and the size is even smaller. It can be considered that when the LOYALTECH mining machines enter the market in large quantities, it is the day when the Ethereum mining industry completely shifts to special mining machines.


YM-100 Series

With the technology and supply chain innovation, LOYALTECH confronts the crisis of chip shortage.

Another major innovation of LOYALTECH is to break old-fashioned thinking, and the mining machine chip has chosen a mature 40nm process to manufacture the mining machine chip. Although the density of the 40nm process is not high, it does not affect the massive bandwidth brought by 3D stacking technology, and 40nm computing chips can also provide enough hashrate with ASIC design. At the same time, the 40nm process has a rich production capacity and low unit price. This allows LOYALTECH to easily bypass the chip capacity crisis that plagues the industry today. Considering that the technical duration of the first generation of mining machines is usually only 2-3 years, it is the most critical factor to ensure investors' profits to realize the stable and timely supply of machines. LOYALTECH's smart technical choice makes the mining machine products of the company be overwhelmingly advantageous.



In addition to the advantages of the core technology, LOYALTECH also introduced the supply chain management experience of the world's largest PC manufacturer in order to ensure the productivity of mining machines and supply products to customers in a timely manner. LOYALTECH's parts suppliers all have stable cooperative relations with the company, which can ensure a stable supply for the company even when the market supply is in short supply. This supply chain edge can eventually be transformed into the competitive advantage of the product itself - when there is a shortage of GPU and other mining products on the market, and when the market demand is high, LOYALTECH will become the only option for most investors.


Another key advantage of LOYALTECH is that it enables both ETH and ETC mining. For ordinary mining machines and GPU schemes, once Ethereum completes the PoS upgrade, the existing machines can do nothing but stop mining. Realistically, considering investors need 2-3 years or even longer to recoup the investments, they are very likely to face a loss situation where even their electricity bills cannot be paid back. However, for LOYALTECH mining products, even if the Ethereum mining comes to an end, investors are allowed to transfer to ETC mining and obtain stable investment returns by this way. This core design perfectly solves the biggest concern faced by Ethereum mining investors in 2022, and it is also the embodiment of LOYALTECH’s vision that it always be truly considerate for its customers.

LOYALTECH's philosophy-Loyal to customers and adhering to its core values

Brand names often reflect the cultural concepts of companies. LOYALTECH embed loyalty" into the brand logo, which reflects the company's original ideas and values. Loyalty means loyalty to customers and trust. All the principles of LOYALTECH aim at creating maximum value for customers, and it would be better to lose its interests and maintain customer trust. To this end, LOYALTECH will fully inform customers of mining machine indicators, include investment risks and benefits, analyze and compare competing products, and formulate the best investment portfolio for customers. Once the contract is signed, LOYALTECH will make every effort to ensure the delivery time, so that the customer can enjoy the products on time.

LOYALTECH's commitments:

l On-time delivery, the industry's first "late delivery with hashrate compensated" is stipulated in the contract;

l Machine problems will be repaired within five working days after sales, and if it cannot be repaired, a new machine or backup machine will be offered;

l The error of hashrate is controlled within 5%, and the error exceeding 5% is indicated in the contract to make up the hashrate.


When such a company culture and values are combined with the industry-leading technological advantages and supply chain management advantages, there will be no room to doubt the prospects and achievements of the company.


Currently, LOYALTECH has developed two types of mining machines: YM-100 has 2.4G hashrate and 2300W power consumption, which is large and suitable for large mining plants; YM-200MINI has a hashrate of 200M and power consumption of 200w. Its size is only equivalent to that of a micro-mainframe, and it is suitable for the mining needs of families, small studios, mobile scenes, and more. Besides, YM-100 miner has been mass-produced on a small scale since the end of 2020, and now it has entered the mainstream mining machine market, sold to American listed companies and VIP customers, and began to replace GPU miners as the main source of mining hashrate. YM-200MINI will be launched at the BITCOIN 2022 in Miami, the USA on April 6th, 2022. Both mining machines are equipped with a 6G memory capacity, which can support the mining demand of Ethereum by the middle of 2024; If the PoS upgrade of Ethereum is completed, the two products can also seamlessly be compatible with ETC mining, uphold customers' investment continuously.



Lastly, these two miners are expected to bring unprecedented impacts and changes to the Ethereum mining market. The blockchain industry in 2022 will be different because of the advent of LOYALTECH, which deserves our great attention.