A Review to Compare Top Mass-produced Ethereum ASIC Mining Machine

2022-08-30 13:51:04

A Review to Compare Top Mass-produced Ethereum ASIC Mining Machine

Recently, Poolin, one of the three largest mining pools in the world, updated the equipment’s hashrate ranking of Ethereum. Now the ETH mining equipment rankings of Poolin and F2pool are as follows:



It can be clearly shown that with the rise of ASIC mining machines, traditional Ethereum GPU miners have been left far behind, falling behind ASIC mining machines in terms of power supply ratio, revenue, and other indicators. Currently, in light of the drastically falling graphics card market, many miners are selling their GPU miners and replacing them with ASIC miners.


At present, the Pro ASIC mining machine options in front of miners mainly include LOYALTECH's YM-100 and InnoSilicon's A11. Neutral information can be instrumental in helping miners make purchasing decisions. This article will compare the actual investment value of YM-100 and A11 from several angles.


YM-100 Series

Actual Hashrate to Power Supply Ratio



Measured Hashrate

Measured Energy supply

power supply Ratio

Nominal Rate of Return





87 USD/Day





53 USD/Day


The above table is compiled based on the data of the two mining machines at the end of April on F2pool and Poolin. For miners who are ready to replace ASIC miners with GPU miners, according to our calculations, for every two RTX 3090 8-unit miners replaced on average, the daily income after turning to YM-100 can increase from US$53 to US$87, and turning to A11 will increase to US$65, an increase of US$34 and US$12 respectively.

Delivery Speed and Operation and Maintenance Cost

The Ethereum 2.0 may be delayed until the end of the year. The earlier you get the mining machine, the earlier you can earn a lot of income. Mining machine delivery speed is the key indicator for miners now, and YM-100 and A11 are spot goods, which can quickly help miners improve their revenue. What needs to be reminded here is that the spot goods of the two manufacturers generally need to be transported to the mining rigs by the customer for deployment, and the miner must also consider the possible delay caused by international shipping.


One of the advantages of ASIC miners is the after-sales service. Both miners have this attribute as well. According to user feedback, both miners can provide relatively complete operating instructions, and professionals will guide if customers encounter any problems during operation.


For ASIC miners, the maintainability indicator that miners are more concerned about is the stability of the hashrate. There have been some ASIC mining machines that underwent a decline in the actual hashrate after working for a period, which directly affected the revenue of the miners. Innosilicon's previous-generation A10 mining machine had such a defect, and the hashrate of various models in the series dropped by 3%-13%. At present, there is no report of the decline in hashrate of the A11 mining machine. After more than a year of the actual operation of LOYALTECH's YM-100 mining machine, the risk of hashrate decline can be ruled out.


Due to the current slump in graphics card prices, the preservation rate of mining equipment itself is also one of the main factors that miners should consider when investing. Nowadays, the launch time of the Ethereum 2.0 is primarily conformed at the end of the year, after which both miners can switch to ETC. Still, it should be noted that since a large amount of hashrate will flow into the ETC mining industry at that time, mining machines with higher power supply ratio/yield will definitely have higher second-hand value, hence it is expected that the second-hand market price of YM-100 will continue to be higher than A11.

Brand Comparison

Innosilicon, the manufacturer of the A11 mining machine, is an established manufacturer in the mining machine industry; LOYALTECH, the manufacturer of the YM-100, is a dark horse in the industry. Recently, it has attracted much traction due to its YM series of mining machines. From the perspective of brand awareness, Innosilicon and LOYALTECH can be said to be on a par, and miners should pay more attention to the comparison of actual yield indicators.


It is suggested that miners who are planning to buy ASIC mining machines soon can choose the premise of fully understanding the core indicators of the two mining machines. No matter which product you opt for, you should be aware that in the current market, selling GPU miners to replace ASIC miners would be the best choice for miners. Before the Ethereum 2.0 launched, only ASIC mining machines can 100% guarantee miners’ investment income.




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